En smakbit på söndagen – The Mummyfesto

Det här inlägget har sitt ursprung  hos den norska bloggen Flukten fra virkeligheten –  en bokblogg. Där heter inlägget En smakebit på søndag. Tanken är att man delar en liten textrad eller så ur den bok/de böcker som man för tillfället läser. Den här söndagen bjuds ni på ett citat ur boken ”The Mummyfesto” av Linda Green.

When I got there, she was still on the pavement outside her house, brandishing the secateurs.

‘Hello, Mum. It’s me, Jackie.’

‘I’m doing roses.’

‘You don’t have any roses out here, Mum. They’re still in back garden.’

‘Well I can’t see them.’

‘That’s because you’re out front, Mum. Anyway, love., you’ve done them already. Quite a few times in fact.’

I took Mum by the arm and guided her steadily towards the fron door, waving an acknowledgement to Pailine across the road as I did so. The phone calls were becomming more frequent. At least six since Mum had come out of hospital a month ago. I was lucky this time that it was a Sunday that Pauline could get hold of me and I could come straight away. Christ knows what I was going to do if it happened in the middle of a lesson. It wasn’t fair to expect Pauline to intervene. She was getting on a bit herself. The last thing she wanted to be doing was trying to wrestle a pair of secateurs from my mother. A tough old bird, that’s what Mum had always called herself. Which had been great when I was growing up, but it didn’t make things so easy now.

(sid. 24-25)

The Mummyfesto
The Mummyfesto


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